After School Club

Run by Mrs Mahon (Supervisor) along with Miss Leslie, Mrs Mead and Miss Mahon, every day after school until 6pm.  Children are collected from their classrooms and taken to the After School Club room. If your child attends another after school activity on the premises we will collect them from there.


£4 for 1hour or part thereof

£6 for 2hours or part thereof

£7 for the whole session.

There is a termly registration fee of £3 and a fee of £5 payable if you are late to collect your child.


We offer a wide variety of games, puzzles, books and toys. Weather permitting we try to get the children outside everyday too and have a selection of outdoor toys. Children are able to express themselves through a variety of art materials and craft activities.  In the summer we try to spend most of the time outside making good use of the field. During the session children are encouraged to do some homework and read with an adult.  Also they have access to laptops to complete any on-line tasks.


A snack is provided for children to keep them sustained until their evening meal, this is usually in the form of cereals, crackers, bread or pittas.  There is always a platter of fresh fruit provided and children are able to access plenty of water to drink.


If you are a working parent and require After School Club facilities please collect a registration form from Mrs Mahon, return completed and your name will be added to the list. Once a space becomes available you will be notified.