I am certainly missing hearing our lovely Choir sing!
I hope you haven't stopped singing though!!   Don't forget - if you go onto the website     you will find 7 songs each week that you can sing along to - the words will come up on the screen!   Each week there is usually a song that we have sung in Choir.    I was thrilled to be sent a video of Ewan and Niamh singing along to "Eat Your Greens"!!   Well done you two - brilliant!!
We were so proud of our Choir during the Christmas Period.  Everywhere they went, they sang with enthusiasm and smiles and delighted everyone who saw them.
We were particularly proud of the children who sang in Bournemouth Square. They really worked hard and sang their hearts out!! So many passers by stopped to listen and went away with smiles on their faces. 
Well done to the Choir for another amazing (and this time a bit different!!) performance at the "Open Door" club at the Cornerstone Church. You were amazing!   Mary James, who runs the club sent me an e mail which said:
Thank you again for bringing your wonderful children along to entertain Open Door folk this afternoon.   As always it is the highlight of each term for us and so much appreciated by everyone.

The children are a credit to the school and it reflects on the love and care you give them.
Watch our choir (joined by the Staff Choir) perform 'Joy to the World' - 
Our Choir singing "God Hears Me When I Pray" with Amelie and Amie on the Flute