Class Music

Well, life is very different for us at the moment isn't it?   I am certainly missing seeing and hearing you all!   
I hope, that even though we are apart at the moment, you can still find ways to make music! Below are some ideas you might like to try!
If you play an Instrument (Flute, Keyboard or Guitar), do keep practising! We are looking forward to hearing how much you have progressed during this time!
If you have a Recorder and a book, do keep playing that too!  That will help you remember how to read music.
How about asking an adult to name a country for you and you try to find out all you can about the music from that country. Are their instruments different to ours?  Try listening to some music on YouTube. How is it different to the music you normally listen to?
Karaoke time!!  Put your favourite song into YouTube followed by the word "Karaoke" and have a good sing!!   See if you can get your family singing as well!!
How about trying to find a word about music (instruments / composers for example) for every letter of the alphabet?
Can you write a Rap?  Maybe about the situation we all find ourselves in. What are the good bits about being at home all the time?  What is not so good?   Maybe you could make a percussion  accompaniment with things around you, or maybe Body Percussion?   I would love to hear your Raps when you have made one.
You could think of some of the Hymns we sing and see if you can find a version on YouTube.  "I am the Earth" is a great one to start with!
Above all, have fun!!
How about teaching your family some of the songs that we sing!
Ask someone to put on some music with a steady beat and try and clap along (Marches are the best!)
How about making your own instrument? A tube or a bottle filled with Pasta would make a very good shaker! Maybe then you could decorate it?
Ask an adult if they can find "Ollie Tunmer" on YouTube and see if you can perform some Body Percussion with him!
Ask an adult to find you some music from another country and see which you enjoy best.   Irish music might make you want to dance!  African music might make you want to play an imaginary drum!!
Lastly, how about teaching your family some of our hymns. Which ones can you remember?  "God made a Wonderful World"   "Always Remember, Never Forget"  "Happy,  Happy, That's How We Like Our School To Be"
Above all - have fun with Music!
We had a fantastic time on February 6th, when members of the Broadstone Music Series came and performed a wondeerful concert for Year 1-6. They performed on Violins, Viola and 'Cello and we were all treated to a lovely selection of music.
Children were also invited to take part in the concert, both by pretending to be the Conductor and joining in with Percussion Instruments. A few lucky children also got the opportunity to play the Violins, Viola and 'Cello.
We are very grateful to Soundstorm (our local Music Hub) for arranging the concert for us.
 We were so lucky on June 25th to have a visit from a Norwegian School Band "Korsvoll Skolekorps". They are all members of their School Band in a school in Oslo. They were visiting Bournemouth for a week and came to perform to us. After a lovely concert, where they played and told us about life in Norway, they then came to our Music Room, where our Flutes put on a concert for them! It was a really lovely occasion.