Class Music

Welcome back to the new school year!  We are looking forward to another year of fantastic music making in our lessons!
Reception class will be spending time "finding their singing voices" and learning lots of lovely new songs. They will also get to see all the lovely Percussion instruments that we have and get to play them. After half term, they will start learning songs for our Christmas Nativity - always a lovely occasion!
Year 1 will be experimenting with different sounds and changes to sound especially on instruments, as well as singing some lovely new songs. They too will prepare songs for a Nativity after half term.
Year 2 Children will learn about Pitch and changes in Pitch. They will create simple Melodic Patterns with instruments and voices and learn about Graphic Scores which show changes in Pitch. After half term, they too will learn songs for a Nativity.
Year 3 children  will use “Animals” as a stimulus  and will learn how sounds can be used to describe different animals and how they move by using the different dimensions of Pitch, Duration, Dynamics and Tempo. Later on, they will learn about the music and life of Beethoven. Year 3 children will also start learning the Descant Recorder and will learn how to read music.
Year 4 children will learn to recognise and understand Pentatonic Scales. They will use Pentatonic scales for composition. Later on, they will learn about the life and music of Handel. Year 4 will continue to play the Descant Recorder and improve their music reading skills.
Year 5  will use “Space” as a theme and  will explore different sound sources, including the use of ICT. They will learn how sounds can be changed and reproduced electronically. They will also learn about the life and music of Gustav Holst. Year 5 children will learn to play the Treble Recorder.
Year 6 children will learn about the importance of Lyrics from a historical, cultural and social aspect. They will learn about the structure of songs, especially “Blues” Music and its history. They will compose their own Blues Song in small groups, writing their own words to a set structure, composing a melody and using 12 bar Blues to accompany their song. They will later learn about the music of J S Bach.
 We were so lucky on June 25th to have a visit from a Norwegian School Band "Korsvoll Skolekorps". They are all members of their School Band in a school in Oslo. They were visiting Bournemouth for a week and came to perform to us. After a lovely concert, where they played and told us about life in Norway, they then came to our Music Room, where our Flutes put on a concert for them! It was a really lovely occasion.