Hall of Fame!

Welcome to the Hall of Fame! Here, the children listed have completed the challenge in under 5 minutes (or 4 minutes for the 99 Club) and not got a single question wrong! 
22 Club
1) Louisa Cooper - 2:38s
33 Club
1) Miguel Marques (5/6K) 3:08s
2) Malachy Farrel (5/6A) 3:40s
44 Club
Conner Billett (4S)  2:07s
Harrison Ellis (5/6O) 2:33s
Kyla McCafferty (5/6K) 3:28s
Finlee Harris (4S) 3:38s
Tegan Loader (4L) 3:42s
55 Club
Lily White (5/6O) 1:51s
Kayla Gweshe (5/6A) 1:52s
Finlee Harris (4S) 1:55s
Sophia Tussett-Wilden (4S) 1:59s
Elysia Hurst (5/6O) 2:00s
66 Club
Emilia Davis (4S) 1:36s
Finlee Harris (4S) 1:59s
Kelsey Henstridge (5/6K) 2:00s
Kadie Pope & Lily White 2:05s
Jimmy Fry (5/6K) & Elysia Hurst 2:15s
77 Club
Kadie Pope (5/6K) 2:06s
Lily White (5/6O) 2:46s
Emilia Davis (4S) 3:16s
Sophia T-W & Shae R-D 3:00s
Jimmy Fry (5/6K) 3:15s
88 Club
Finlee Harris (4S)  2:05s
Kadie Pope (5/6K) 2:20s
Kelsey Henstridge (5/6K) 2:25s
Emilia Davis (4S)  3:16s
Jimmy Fry (5/6K) 3:25s
99 Club
Finlee Harris (4S) 2:20s
Emilia Davis (4S) 2:26s
Noureldin B (5/6K)2:36s
Lily White (5/6O) 2:45s
Sophia Scott (5/6O) 3:16s