School Lunches

School Meals / Nutrition

  • All the children in Key Stage 1 are entitled to a free school meal but the meal choices need to be made in advance
  • Children can bring a packed lunch or you can decide to take advantage of ordering a cooked meal through the school office.  There are 3 choices available daily at a reasonable cost.
  • Drinks have to be in a secure plastic container (not bottles or cans). 
  • Children entitled to Free School Meals will receive a hot meal in school. Advice on Free School Meals can be obtained from the office.
  • Children may bring a piece of fruit to eat at morning playtime – no other snacks are allowed.
  • All children are provided with a water bottle in class with water to drink during lesson times.  Research has shown a regular drink of water improves concentration and therefore progress.
  • Children in Nursery and Reception (up to 5 years of age) are entitled to free school milk.
  • Children in the rest of the school can have milk at a cost to parents.  Forms are available in the office.
School lunches are provided from Renowned Catering - the menu is on a 2 week rotation.  School lunches are booked through School Money.
If you have any issues then please contact the school.