St John Paul ll (Blue)

Feast Day: 22nd October
  • Mrs L Walker

    Head of Blue House

  • Bella

    Blue House Captain

  • Jimmy

    Blue House Vice Captain

Hello,my name is Bella   and  I am Blue House  Captain. I like to follow the 7’Cs  and help anyone  in need. Blue House is the best. I like to help teachers. My house will be the best  for year after year. I’m a musician and I play the piano. Bella 


Hi my name is Jimmy and I am very sporty and the Blue Vice House Captain ; I love dogs and babies, I will show respect to the people who respect the 7Cs. I will do as much for the house as possible and be helpful to everyone not just in blue house but to everyone as long as I get the same respect good luck to everyone during this year and stay awesome. Jimmy