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Doodle Maths 11.5.20
Top Doodlers last week:
4W: Alfie, Ava, Ewan, Jakub, Kai, Lola, Michael
4L: Angelos, Antonio, Dylan, Layla, Ludo, Niamh, Nicole, Travis
Top doodlers last week:
4W: Alfie, Ava, Amelia, Ewn, Frankie, Jakub, Jacob, Kai and Lola
4L: Antonio, Dylan, Layla, Maja, Niamh, Nicole, Roma, Travis
Well Done!
Welcome to Year 4
This is our joint area where you will find the latest news, letters, curriculum overviews, key dates and other key information.
To do this, we have decided to set all pupils and staff a challenge to participate in one of three activities to say thank you to the NHS. We thought it would be nice to show our respect to Captain Tom, who turns 100 soon and raised over £27 million for the NHS, by either running 100 laps of your garden or completing 100 star jumps in your home and/or you could create a thank you NHS banner. 


All we ask is that you record part of your activity and message including the #CtK100forNHS. Once you have recorded your short activity and message (no longer than 15 seconds!) please attach the video to a message on eSchools – sending it to Mr Smith and Mr Cooper. If you are unsure how to do this, please follow the YouTube link below.


We request that all the messages are submitted by 12pm on Monday 4thMay 2020. Please watch the YouTube video of what we are expecting.


Please watch the YouTube video where we explain a little bit more about what we would like. Links are below.

Thank you for your support :)  
Please find attached the Doodle Maths parents powerpoint, which may help with any problems or questions :-)
A great picture by Travis. He would love to see a race track outside his window!
A fantastic piece of Art this morning by Alfie, ready for his writing this week.
To celebrate Earth Day:
From Mrs Sargeant
You are invited to create a poster or picture that shares the changes you have made to your everyday lives that have been good for you and your family, as well as for our fragile planet ...  I would love to use these ideas to create an 'Earth Day' display once we are back in school, but for now send any ideas, responses, thoughts or feelings to me or your class teacher!
For example...have you been in the garden more? Have you been doing lots of walking or cycling as your daily exercise? Have you been eating any different foods?
Another Pobble task for today and tomorrow!
Today: Using the picture and the text, answer the reading activity questions under the picture.
Tomorrow: Using the picture and the text, complete the story of the trolls!
Please send us any pictures of your completed work.
Mrs W and Mrs L :-)
A Pobble task for today and tomorrow...
Today: Using the picture and the text, answer the reading activity questions under the picture.
Tomorrow: Using the picture and the text, complete the story of the trolls!
Please send us any pictures of your completed work.
Mrs W and Mrs L :-)
Let's fill the website with rainbows to make everyone smile :-)
Doodle Maths
Last weeks Top Doodlers were:
4W: Lola, Kai, Jacob, Ewan, Evana and Amelia
4L: Dylan, Layla, Travis S.
Keep up the great work guys. Let's see who can build up a super Doodle streak. :-)
Our Twitter page now includes Year 3 a slight change in name..
Year 3 and 4 Christ the King
If you haven't been able to find the Ninja words to do each day, here are 4 to write about and catch up on! Will find more next week too!
We are certainly very lucky to be having such lovely weather this week. I hope you are enjoying the Joe Wicks workouts in the morning- they really do get you ready for the day! 
I will set some more MYMATHS today as some of you have completed the work that has been sent. Mrs Walker and I will be checking to see who has been completing the daily work on TT Rockstars, DOODLE Maths, Bug Club and MyMaths.
If you haven't yet looked at Pobble365, please do so! You will find lots of inspiration for writing as well as improving the 'sick' sentences!
The Reading Realm is also fantastic and has some brilliant comprehension activities for you to complete. These details were sent out in your pack!
We'll be in touch again on Friday,
Take care everybody,
Mrs Lord :) and Mrs Walker :)
Happy Monday! Hope you are enjoying your first sunny day at home. 
Don't forget, you can start every day with a Joe Wicks video - 9am on Youtube!
Remember to complete your Doodle Maths and TTRockstars every day.
Keep washing your hands and look after each other!
Mrs Walker and Mrs Lord :-)
4W enjoyed making their bird feeders they had designed.
Our Year four residential to Hooke Court
Year 4 have a new Twitter Page!
Year 4 Christ the King
Please check in during the week for updates or send us photos of your work. 
Let us know what you have been up to!
Search for White Rose Maths online, they have some great home learning lessons with videos to watch and activities to complete, which can be done in the exercise books you took home.
Stay safe
Mrs Walker and Mrs Lord. :-)
Fantastic costumes for World Book day
Year 4 Team:
Teachers - Mrs Lord & Mrs Walker
TAs - Mrs Spetch & Mrs Mead
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