Ms Kent

Music Subject Leader

Welcome to the Music Pages of our website.

Why we teach music at Christ the King School.

We wish to foster in children a love and enjoyment of listening to and participating in, different types of music which they can carry with them into teenage and adult lives. We also want all our children to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum.

We wish to enable every child to experience

  • the enjoyment of music
  • the fulfilment derived from striving to achieve their musical potential

To develop skills of :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • focused listening and concentration
  • movement and co-ordination
  • the singing voice and instrumental skills
  • imagining and internalising sounds

And to develop:

  • the basic concepts and vocabulary of music through practical music making
  • expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings through music
  • sensitive and analytical responses to music
  • appreciation of a variety of musical traditions past and present, including a knowledge of some of the most famous composers and their works
  • confidence and self esteem
  •  an emotional, spiritual and intellectual response to music
  • a sense of occasion and the highest possible standards when performing to an audience.

We wish to enable children to:

  • Develop social skills and self-discipline, to work independently, take turns and be part of a group
  • have opportunities to be challenged and stimulated, to be creative.
We love Music at Christ the King!