What is SHINE?


Christ the King has been involved with SHINE for some `Serious Fun on Saturdays’ with Canford School since 2011.  It is an aspirational programme which targets just eight pupils from Christ the King, as well as pupils from Kingsleigh Primary School and Heathlands Primary School.  There are 10 sessions which are scheduled over the Autumn and Easter term each year.


SHINE is primarily aimed at gifted and talented children for `Serious Fun on Saturdays’, through participation in a range of dynamic workshops in subjects and disciplines such as Science, Humanities, languages and the creative arts. 


At the end of the Easter term, pupils from all three schools perform in a celebratory assembly both in their schools and to parents in the Long Gallery at Canford School at a special graduation event. 


Pupils are always enthusiastic about the opportunities provided by SHINE and each year look forward to Saturdays at Canford, along with performing with others at the assemblies and the graduation in June.  Long may all the students involved in the project continue to SHINE!