At Christ the King we wear our uniform with pride and expect all pupils to follow our uniform code. Below is our uniform policy. If your child is wearing incorrect uniform they will be issued with an uniform slip stating what needs to change, 

All children, apart from Nursery, should wear school uniform.




Nursery children can wear any comfortable, washable clothing. Some activities are messy even when wearing aprons. Tracksuits are the easiest! The sleeves push up and the trousers have elasticised waists, which makes going to the toilet much easier. We do have spare clothes in case of “accidents”. Please send in a change of shoes if the children arrive in wellington boots. Please name coats, gloves, hats and scarves for easy identification.



EYFS & KS1     (Reception, Year 1 & 2)


                                     Winter                                            Summer

Boys:                          CTK Jumper                                     CTK Jumper

                                   Red Polo shirt                                  Red Polo shirt

                                   Long Grey trousers                          Short Grey trousers

                                   Grey socks                                       Grey socks

                                   Black shoes                                     Black shoes/closed toed sandals


Girls:                         CTK Jumper or Cardigan                    CTK Jumper or Cardigan

                                  Red Polo shirt                                    Pink check dress

                                  Navy Pinafore /                                 Flat Black shoes with a strap/

                                  *Navy Trousers                                    closed toed sandals

                                  White socks or navy/red tights     

                                  Flat Black shoes with a strap


PE Kit                       Boys & Girls:                                   

                                 White Polo Top             

                                 Navy Blue Shorts                              

                                 White ankle socks                             

                                 Plimsolls only                                    

                                Winter PE Kit  

                                 Normal kit but with the addition for outdoor activities:

                                 Navy tracksuit

                                 White trainers

Football / t-shirts with logo’s are not permitted

*The teacher may ask the children to do some hall activities in bare feet where appropriate.

KS2       (Year 3,4,5, & 6)                        

                      Winter                                  Summer

Boys:             CTK Jumper                           CTK Jumper

                       White shirt                           Red Polo shirt

                       School tie                             Long or short Grey trousers

                       Long Grey trousers             

                       Grey socks                            Grey socks

                       Flat Black shoes                    Flat Black shoes


Girls:             CTK Jumper or Cardigan          CTK Jumper or Cardigan

                      Red Polo shirt
                      *White shirt and tie                Pink check dress

                      Knee length navy skirt or        White socks

                       Navy Trousers                        Flat black shoes with a strap/closed toed sandals

                      White socks or navy tights         

                      Black flat shoes with a strap

* From January 2020, it has been approved that KS2 girls have the option to wear a white shirt and school tie (not elastic) if they can tie their own tie. Our school council wrote a letter to Mrs Tickel and she has agreed - supporting equality of gender.                          


                                         PE Kit                   

Boys & Girls:        *White polo top                  

                              Navy blue shorts                

                              White ankle socks              

                              Plimsolls only                     

 Games Kit suitable for a variety of outdoor games to include:

                            *White polo top

                              Shorts, long socks

                              Navy track suit     



Boys               proper swimming trunks (shorts of any description are not at all suitable!)

Girls               a one piece costume.


Personal Belongings

Jewellery should not be worn to school.  All earrings will need to be removed or covered with micropore anti-allergy tape during P.E. lessons. (We provide the tape).


Hair that touches the shoulder should be tied up. 


Website address: http://www.cjiclothing.com

Telephone: 01202 249244

545 - 547 Wimborne Road Winton, Bournemouth BH9 2AP - please note new address and phone number