School Council

The School Council is overseen by Mrs Sargeant and Mrs Greenwood.
At Christ the King we recognise the importance of listening to the ‘children’s voice’. The School Council plays an important role in terms of the children’s contribution to the life of the school, their experience of a democratic process and the contribution it plays to their Personal, Social and Citizenship Education.
How has the School Council had an impact on our school?
Our projects?
Promoting equality within our school.
Super assembly on equality delivered by our school council on Monday 20th May. The children's aim was for all children to understand what equality is and how we can treat each other fairly. Well done to the school council representatives for being so brave to stand up and speak in front of the whole school!
Well done to the school council for informing the school on how to be safe!
During Mrs Perry's assembly, the school council stood at the front and raised children's awareness of staying safe in school. They did this by sharing their own experiences of when people weren't being safe and what to do if you feel unsafe at any time. 
If somebody is being unsafe our actions are:
  • Walk away from the incident/ person being unsafe
  • If you can, remind them of our 7 C's
  • Tell an adult (Teacher or playtime staff if in school)
  • Tell a trusted adult at home (If incident occurs out of school time)
  • If there is no adult to help or you still feel unsafe then use one of our Trick Box strategies (e.g. Colour breathing)
On Tuesday 13th November, the School Council organsied a Children In Need Bake Off cake sale in order to raise money.  We organised, judged and sold the cakes after school in the school hall. We gave each of our three winners a £10 Smyths toy voucher and have managed to raise £566.14 for Children In Need! Congratulations to our winners!
Well done to the school council who braved the weather and sold donated clothes to raise money for the Bournemouth Basket Brigade!
If you would like anymore information on what the Bournemouth Basket Brigade do please read the message below.....
Here is a message from the Bournemouth Basket Brigade:

Our volunteers will gather together on 22nd December this year to pack and deliver gift baskets with food for Christmas day and the days before and after. While the gifts we will bring are ordinary, the seeds we plant in the lives of the people are special and we need your help to make it happen.

In 2018 we plan to raise £3000 and gather together around 80 volunteers to make and deliver 200 food baskets to 200 families! On the day we’ll be organising, packing and then delivering out the baskets in Bournemouth and Poole.

Please join us for an amazing day, full of heartwarming moments making a real difference to those in our local community at Christmas. We can’t wait to see you there!

What did we discuss in our last meeting?

School Council Meeting

Members present: Amelia, Torie, Hugo, Faith, Ludo, Miriam, Victoria, Lucas, Isobel, Alfie

Issues discussed:

  • Children in Need fundraising – all members would like to do a cake sale like last year (Bake off).
  • Discussed other fundraising ideas such as a book costume day, old toy sales and mini school fun fair! 
  • Actions to happen from the meeting:
  • Arrange an assembly for the school council and Mr Smith to show the children of our school what Children in Need is and how we can help countless lives by raising money.
  • Mr Smith to give badges to all children and present in assembly.
  • Speak to Mrs Tickel about our fundraising ideas.